All Hail the New “It” Oil: Tarte’s Maracuja Oil

I do have to admit, I’m a little late to the face oil game. Growing up with oilier skin you’re told to stay away from anything oil-related. You’re supposed to always look for oil-free products, be ware of moisturizers, never use oil unless it’s to tan your body. But, that IS NOT TRUE. I repeat, NOT TRUE.

I never struggled with acne in high school despite my oil-slick T-zone. Of course, I obsessed over my sebaceous filaments incorrectly thinking they were millions of little blackheads on my nose and cheeks. Adding to my oiliness was my vigorous face-washing and salicylic acid treatments routine with absolutely no moisturizer afterwards. No wonder I was so greasy. I was stripping my skin of everything good for it, slathering on acne treatment, then leaving it to dry up while my skin went on hyper-drive oil mode trying to repair the damage.

However, since graduating from college almost two years ago, I’ve noticed a slow but significant change in my skin. My cheeks are getting dryer and instead of an oily T-zone being my number one concern, rows of pimples and festering underground cycsts along my jawline and lower cheeks have pushes their way to the top of my beauty concern list. After a year or so of layering on more acne-treatments then giving oil-free moisturizers a go, I’ve decided to thow-out what I’ve always thought was best for skin and gone with loads of research and trial and error instead. And, what have I learned? Oil isn’t inherently bad for the skin. You just have to figure out what oils do best on your specific skin. 


All hail the new “it” oil!


This leads me to my number one favorite Black Friday purchase from this year… Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil. The gold and purple bottle comes with a little dropper for easier product control which is handy for an over-user like me. My mom used to scoff when I’d show her how much shampoo and conditioner I was squirting in my hand. **Remember a palm-full of conditioner is too much even for long hair**

Maracuja oil, otherwise known as Passion Fruit seed oil, is a South American byproduct of the passion fruit. A wrinkly (which is sort of funny since it the oil helps prevent that) fruit that is often seen for exorbitant prices in North American and European grocery stores but is commonly used in most South American and other tropical locales. Maracuja oil is similar to argan oil, but has an almost a vague nut-like smell and seems much more emollient, soaking quickly into my skin, feeling noticeably plumper and softer. However, unlike argan oil, maracuja oil is not necessarily wonderful for your hair. So, keep it to the face ladies.

I rub three or four drops of oil on my skin after cleansing and toning, then another drop or two on my neck and decolletage. I make sure to really work the product in, giving a small facial massage as I let it set. See Caroline Hirion’s blog for more information on why facial massage can do wonders for your skin.  Those who haven’t fully cleared their brains of the anti-oil brainwashing us oily or acne-prone girls have shoved down our throats will be happy to learn that this oil doesn’t feel greasy AT ALL. I sort of feel like a luxe Cleopatra dosing myself in oils from far away lands…

In reality, this oil doesn’t have much of a scent which doesn’t bother me even though I’m a bit of a glutton for well- scented products. In the two weeks I have been using this, I have seen a insanely noticeable difference in my skin. No matter what my day’s skin is like: acne-ridden, chapped cheeks from walking in frozen wind, leftover pockmarks from picking at underground acne cysts, this oil slathers on, soaks in quickly and goes to work. (If my boyfriend was writing this, he’d write TWERK. But, alas, I’m not that corny).

This will definitely be an “HG” (Holy Grail) product forever sitting on my vanity because of the amazing results I’ve seen with nightly use. I am going to explore less brand-new maracuja/passionflower oils  in the coming months, but I now know for a fact that Tarte’s is worth the chunk of change.


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