Battle Royale: Mac Fix+ vs. Contact Solution to wet your eye shadow


Top: Mac Fix+ Middle: Contact Solution Bottom: Dry brush


I used to think setting sprays or make up mixing mediums were a hoax along with most primers. It’s just a ploy to get you to buy more, I’d tell myself. But, like with so many other things I WAS WRONG! I’d die if I didn’t use Urban Decay’s All Nighter before a sweaty concert or wedding in the blazing hot sun. Seriously, I would probably get some melted eyeliner in my eye and die in a fiery crash while driving home. Setting spray not only saves your face but SAVES LIVES!


Now, that I’m done with the dramatics, I’ll move on to what this post is really about. MAC Fix+ vs. contact solution. I’d hear contact solution was a decent dupe for Fix+ and wanted to test it out. Now, you are probably wondering why I didn’t test water to intensify my eyeshadow. Well, simply put, I didn’t want to. Every time I’ve ever dampened my brush with water and then placed said brush on a pressed shadow, I’ve found that the shadow soaks up the water and hardens to a shiny patch of dried pigment. I’m not sure if my tap water is extra hard or has some kind of chemical in it that reacts badly with my eyeshadows (sort of a worrying thought, I suppose). Plus, I don’t do my make up in my bathroom and having a cup of fresh water by my make up ever morning would be ASKING for disaster. My cats are assholes and love to tip any cup over that they see. You are more than welcome to use water to create a wet, intense look with your eye shadows but I prefer to use a mixing medium.


Now onto the results. In the pictures, the top line is MAC Fix+ with Mac eyeshadow in Cranberry (one of my favorite shades), the second line is contact solution, and the third is plain old dry eyeshadow. With the first swipe the both the Fix+ and contact solution is a million times more pigmented and intense than the dry shadow which I had to continually build up with multiple layers to even show upon my alabaster arm skin. So far, so good. Both Fix+ and contact solution are awesomely awesome when mixed with shimmery eyeshadows. The contact solution definitely wins out as far as price and convenience goes. I always have a bottle of it around since I am nearly blind with my contacts.


Same order, just smeared by my hand


Even after I gleefully tried to smear the eye shadow all over my arm the Fix+ and contact solution were holding pretty strong. However, out of sheer laziness, I learned that there was an advantage that Fix+ had over the contact solution. It has AMAZING staying power. Nearly 7 hours after applying and smearing the eye shadow the swatch mixed with Fix+ was still going strong. The contact solution-mix was visible but only just. The dry shadow was LONG GONE. So, I’d say if you have some MAC Fix+ use it and savor it for special occasions while rotating in some contact solution for convenience and to save your wallet. And, even cheaper if you dare risk the impurities that may be lurking in your tap water go ahead and use that too. However, I think you’ll be surprised at the difference even just switching to contact solution will make.



Here is a picture of me trying to smile after visiting the dentist. I’m looking a little freaky with this lopsided grin.

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